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High Voltage Substation Services

HVSS (High Voltage Substation Services) Ltd was formed in 2009 specializing in design, installation and commissioning of High Voltage Substations Systems up to 400kV. Since then HVSS has successfully completed numerous projects on DNO networks (Distribution Network Operator), Power Generating Stations, and in Rail and Renewables industries.
HVSS prides itself in providing a comprehensive service for all aspects of high voltage substation construction. With our electrical engineering expertise and industry experience, we aim to assist businesses from the very earliest stages of project design through to construction, testing, to commissioning and handover. Our expert engineering teams can provide you with:• Installation & commissioning of all substation plants including:
o Power transformers
o Switchgear
o Power Cables
o Disconnectors, NERs, Protection Panels, Busbars, Earthing• Project & Site Management and provision of Site Operatives• Control & protection• M&E• Turnkey substation installation & commissioning• Testing & Commissioning