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Shenzhen Ritar Power Co., Ltd.

Energy Management - Energy Storage
Ritar Power is a professional SLA battery manufacturer with two manufacturing bases in Shenzhen and Hengyang. Installed with up-to-date production and test equipments (23 production lines), the company’s export volume ranks in the top 3 in China. Ritar designs and produces a full range of AGM, GEL, OPzV and OPzS batteries in quality, working with a number of world-known companies in the UPS/solar/telecom/mobility section. Ritar GEL batteries specially adopt a unique GEL compound (Nano GEL), special separator (PE), and high-efficiency GEL fill-in machine (developed and patented by Ritar). Its battery life and capacity consistency are outstanding, satisfying many high-standard users across the world. Ritar brand deep cycle batteries enjoy a fine reputation in more than 150 countries.